Lighting The Way For A Memorable Holiday Season

Holiday Lighting Made Easy!

Family Owned:

Lights for Love has been family-owned and operated since opening our doors in 2021. We love our community and serve the entire Kansas City Metro, including the surrounding areas.

Personalized Services:

We take great pride in helping you decorate for the season or events. Whether it is your house or business for the holidays or a venue for a wedding, we have you covered from installation to storage.

Care About Community:

Kansas City matters to us, not just the city but the people who live here. Thousands struggle with mental health, and Lights for Love proudly supports mental health awareness with donations every year to our local organizations.

Products & Services

Want to know what you’re purchasing and what we have to offer? Below is a comprehensive list of our products and services.

Seasonal Lights ($4-7/ft)

We offer several seasonal light packages. Spooky decorations for Halloween to make your home the talk of the neighborhood and a must-visit for the kids participating in Trick-or-Treat. Christmas holidays are stressful enough, so let us take decorating off your plate. Diwali should be spent enjoying the lights, and not worrying about installing them. Regardless of the season, we take care of the installation, upkeep, removal, and storage of the lit decorations for your home. We have many options to choose from, including mini-LED lighting for trees, wreaths, greenery and more. Contact us for prices and options to make your home a beautiful winter wonderland.


– Rental
– Installation
– Maintenance
– C9 and G50 LED Bulbs
– Removal
– Storage

Permanent Lights

If you like to have your home decorated year-round, we have a couple great options available. Our Bright Home and Govee permanent holiday lighting gives you the ability to control your lights from an application on your phone. Bright Home lights are installed in a track system that can usually be hidden from the front of the house. Govee is a cheaper option for permanent lighting that is more exposed but still a great option! Call us TODAY for a consultation on the best option for your home and lifestyle. These services are only available between February and September.

Bright Home Permanent Lights ($20-30/ft)

– Track system for “built in” look
– Custom colors
– Scheduling
– Phone app control
– Works with Smart Home Assistants
– Music/Light show ability

Govee Permanent Lights ($10-15/ft)

– Scheduling
– Music/Light Show ability
– Phone app control
– Thousands of color options and presets
– Popular on Amazon!

Spring Gutter Cleaning

The Midwest is notorious for bringing us all kinds of weather. In addition to being your go-to for exterior lighting, we offer seasonal gutter cleaning packages. Between February and April, we will clean your gutters and downspouts of all debris using your outdoor water spigot and a hose. Keeping your gutters clean is vital for your home’s foundation and roof stability. However, it also prevents a collection of leaves and twigs that become great homes for pests and potential fire hazards. Contact us to find out what packages we have and let us do the maintenance for you.

FREE Roof Inspections

Lights for Love is very community-minded and we have partnered with Infinity Roofing (formerly Village Construction) to offer homeowners FREE roof inspections. Infinity is a family-owned roofing company in Kansas City with nationwide credentials. In the last 20 years of operation, they have helped thousands of metro homeowners with insurance claims and roof approvals. It is our honor to work for/with them to provide our customers with inspections. Contact us to find out how we can work together to ensure you have a safe roof over your head.

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Here are the answers to some of our commonly asked questions!

01. How does one get an estimate on lighting options?

The best way to start the estimate process is by filling out and submitting the form in our Contact Us section. We will have someone reach out to you within 48 business hours. While most seasonal estimates can be done over the phone, we often require a brief in-home consultation for more accurate estimates and permanent lighting options.

02. Are you insured?

Lights for Love is insured with a $1,000,000.0 policy to protect us and your valuable assets. We will provide a copy of our insurance upon request.

03. When is the best time to get quotes for seasonal lighting?

Quotes can be obtained at any time, but prior to the holiday rush will ensure more flexibility in our scheduling. We are often fully booked by the end of October, so keep this in mind when considering holiday lighting.

04. What is the timeline for the installation and removal of seasonal lights?

We begin installation near the end of September and removal during the first week of January. If you have special HOA guidelines, please let us know ahead of time. We do offer special accommodations to meet all regulations for your HOA and local codes.

05. When is the best time to get quotes for permanent holiday lighting?

We only offer our permanent lighting services during the off-season, February through September. Do NOT delay in calling for estimates. The earlier you call, the more flexible we are in getting an in-house consultation scheduled.

06. What happens if a light stops working?

One of the benefits of renting seasonal lighting is we handle all the maintenance of your lights. If you have a light that has fallen or stopped working, contact us for FREE servicing.

07. How does one submit a service request?

If you have a light that has fallen or malfunctioned, you have a couple ways to contact us. You can either text us at 913-277-0757 or email us at When contacting us, please submit your name, address, and a picture of the problematic light during the nighttime. This ensures faster servicing and finding a solution during daylight hours.

08. Do I get to choose the color combination of my lights?

Yes, you have the ability to customize your colors for no extra charge. All we need to know is what colors you want and the pattern you desire. We will customize your package specifically for your home on the day of installation.

09. Do you provide timers?

Yes, we will provide a timer with all of our seasonal holiday light installations. If you are getting one of our permanent seasonal lighting options, we will help you with the phone application usage.

10. Do I need to be home on the day of the installation?

No, you do not need to be home during the installation of seasonal holiday lighting. However, we request someone be present during the installation of permanent holiday lights for access to the garage, attic, or other locked areas of the home/business.

11. When will payment be due?

We invoice on the day of installation and payment is due within five (5) business days.

12. Do you have a minimum charge for seasonal lighting?

Yes, our minimum charge for seasonal lighting is $350.